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At DiH Health and Wellbeing P/L we provide educational experiences that aim improve and enhance your experience of life. We believe this is achieved by greater self awareness and improved capacity to interact with others in this wonderful world we live in.

Our services

We specialise in connecting people and events through organising and supporting seminars, workshops, retreats and events. Speakers, hosts, venues and participants are brought together in a place of shared wisdom for student and teacher to create health and wellbeing through increased understanding in a safe environment. We are based in SE Qld, and available to travel within Australia to help co-create events.


Our approach

Our company was founded on the belief that every human being wants to experience joy, harmony and peace in their lives. We hope to co-create life-enhancing experiences that help participants to clarify what they want and give them the tools to achieve a better quality of life.  Our holistic approach to wellbeing reflects a merging of mainstream and alternative health. The connection between mind, body and spirit is widely accepted by practitioners of integrative health.


“Nothing is more important than connecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.” Deepak Chopra



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